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Video: Using DeploymentPro with MigrationWiz

There’s nothing like having a way to automate a seemingly complicated task so you can quickly check it off your to-do list. Configuring Outlook profiles after a migration is one of those tasks. You need to do it, and you need to do it right. Otherwise, you’ll be hearing from end-users if their email isn’t working on Monday morning.

DeploymentPro is one of the powerful features embedded in the MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle (UMB). It allows you to automatically configure Outlook post-migration – whether you’re moving a handful of mailboxes or an entire organization. Now you can learn how to deploy DeploymentPro by watching our latest tutorial video.

What you’ll learn in this video

This video takes you through a mailbox migration from set-up to cleanup so you can see exactly how DeploymentPro works. Using an actual migration, our expert shows you the steps in real time. You’ll learn how to:

Install the Device Management Agent. Learn how to use MSP Complete to install the DMA using Group Policy Object, email, or a USB stick if necessary. Once installed, you’ll see how to check the DMA’s location and make sure it’s up and running.

Configure DeploymentPro. Mark, our migration expert, shows you how to select options for customization, group users to apply configurations, and even manage projects for large organizations.

Stage your migration. This video will help you understand the advantages of implementing a pre-stage migration followed by a weekend cut-over. A staged approach is not only user friendly, it saves time overall and allows you to test for potential problems before running the full migration.

Empower users. Configuration post-migration is easy as the DeploymentPro wizard walks users through the final few steps.

Clean up post-migration. You’ll see how to uninstall the DMA as a bulk task at the end of your migration in order to maintain a clean, secure environment.

DeploymentPro is designed to make your life easier and more efficient, and it’s integrated into our most popular license, the User Migration Bundle. If your end goal is a smooth migration and happy end-users, this is a feature you’ll want to know how to use.

The MigrationWiz video library keeps on growing. You can access any tutorial at any time, and they make great training modules for your IT team. If you’ve been curious about DeploymentPro, it only takes a few minutes to find out how it works.

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