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5 Ways the Cloud Improves Supply Chain Management

Cloud Won’t Fix the Supply Chain. But it can help.

A couple of years ago it would have been odd to hear a person in the grocery store remarking how their shopping trip is being impacted by supply chain issues. Or business owners complaining that they can’t fill an order because critical materials are stuck in a port or on a truck somewhere. And yet here we are. If your job involves moving things from point A to point B, this isn’t just a news item or a minor inconvenience. This is your life.

Thanks to the tenacity of dedicated logistics professionals, our tangled mess of a global supply chain is slowly having the kinks worked out. There may be more surprises to come, but companies in many sectors are beginning to see movement again. The shock that any business can be impacted by issues on the other side of the world now has companies shoring up infrastructure in order to manage better in the future. This includes further digitizing critical processes and using cloud technology for better collaboration and access to data.

In this article we’re looking at five ways the cloud can benefit supply chain management:

Tighter security in the cloud

The interconnected nature of the global supply chain requires secure communications and data sharing among many types of businesses. Still, reputations are at stake. It’s critical to strike the right balance between smooth information flow and trust that sensitive information is being handled with care. Security experts are finding that data and applications hosted in the cloud are protected by tighter security protocols.

Security is a reason many companies are migrating to the cloud. But the route there also needs to be secure. MigrationWiz from BitTitan includes enterprise-grade security that follows current best practices to protect information before, during, and after every migration.

Serve the globe from the cloud

Because supply chain management involves working with suppliers, shippers, manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses across the globe, efficient information flow is what keeps things running smoothly. Using the cloud allows every player to access information from anywhere in the world, removing geographic constraints so businesses can access more suppliers and expand into new markets.

MigrationWiz makes it easy to migrate the data and applications you need to connect globally. This allows your team to organize their work around shared files, Teams collaboration, inter-tenant teams collaboration, and mailboxes wherever they’re located. And it makes sure they have the most modern tools to collaborate with customers and vendors, wherever they are.

Flexibility equals scalability and resilience

A major pain point for many companies in our current supply chain situation is the inability to keep up with demand. You need to be able to adjust output and procedures as demand fluctuates, but without compromising on quality. Using the cloud allows for quick adjustments because data and information are available immediately across the business. Cloud services also improve forecasting with data accessible on demand for analysis.

MigrationWiz can be used to move legacy data to newer more collaborative technologies. This improves scalability as a company grows into a wider network of employees, customers, and partners. Flexible scalability also helps companies build resilience into their supply chains so they can respond to contraction as well as growth.

Drive costs out of the supply chain

Cloud solutions help companies digitize information, and therefore digitize processes. This saves time – and money – by making processes more efficient. When problems do arise, the cloud allows a solution to be implemented almost immediately. Updates can happen in real time, eliminating the wait time between solution and outcome.

Many companies use cloud resources to cut down on the cost of manual labor. The flexibility of the cloud provides more opportunities to implement automated processes and integrated applications. And you can begin taking advantage of cloud benefits sooner with MigrationWiz because it’s one of the fastest migration tools available.

Advanced tracking throughout the supply chain

Combining cloud solutions with GPS, RFID, and Bluetooth allows for easier tracking of goods throughout the supply chain. Integrated tracking improves efficiency and customer service because supply chain managers can quickly identify delays and bottlenecks. It will also decreases the likelihood of lost goods. Advanced tracking gives you more opportunities to make timely adjustments or activate contingency plans.

If any one person or company had a simple solution to our current supply chain issues, they would have implemented it by now. And we probably would have thrown them a parade. But there are ways you can improve efficiency and achieve better outcomes for your company today. Cloud technology is an important component of the solution.

BitTitan is eager to support our customers on the cloud journey. MigrationWiz is a fully automated migration solution that’s accessible anytime from anywhere. It’s simple to use for quickly streamlining everything from simple mailbox moves to enterprise-scale migration projects.

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