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Time to Migrate from Exchange 2007

Now is the ideal time to migrate from Exchange 2007—and many of our Partners know it. We are seeing a very large number of migration projects from Exchange Server 2007. Typical Destination platforms include later versions of On-Premises Exchange, such as Exchange 2013 or 2016; Hosted Exchange; Office 365; or a hybrid On-Premises/cloud deployment.

Our Migration Guide details the steps to take for a common migration scenario: migrating from On-Premises Exchange 2007 to On-Premises Exchange 2013 or 2016.

As you will see, with MigrationWiz you can quickly and easily migrate directly from one version of Exchange to another.

The recent surge in migrations from Exchange 2007 is fueled in part by the fact that Exchange 2007 is now only in extended support from Microsoft. This means that Microsoft is only required to fix security bugs. What’s more, Microsoft will not accept functionality requests for Exchange 2007 – although these requests may appear in later versions of Exchange. As a result, our Partners and their customers are craving features and functionality that only later versions of Exchange support. A common key migration factor is that business continuity through Database Availability Groups (DAGs) and resilience are much easier to obtain. Plus, virtualization can also be embraced with later versions.

Our Partners tell us the other common reasons for migrating include substantial cost savings on storage, support for larger mailboxes, native archiving, modern Public Folders, and many more PowerShell cmdlets.

More good news for migration from Exchange 2007 is that BitTitan DeploymentPro supports both On-Premises and Hosted Exchange as the Destination. This means that when using MigrationWiz in conjunction with DeploymentPro, user profiles will be automatically reconfigured, with zero downtime, to point to the new Exchange system, while importing existing signatures and auto-completes, and reattaching PST files from the previous default profile. See how this works in our video on migrating from On-Premises Exchange to Office 365.

For a limited time, BitTitan is offering a promotional bundle for MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro, which you can purchase through our Estimator tool, or through the purchasing page, within your MigrationWiz portal. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

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