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The Key To IT Upsell Conversations

If you follow our blog, you may have noticed a theme of upselling/cross-selling how-tos and best practices lately. That’s because the upsell conversation with customers is one that’s tricky for many people—especially for IT professionals or SIs who a) don’t think it’s relevant to what they do, b) are technologists first and don’t exactly embrace the role of salesguy, or c) don’t know what to say.

Whether you exclusively do project work, or if you are dipping your toe in managed services (or even if you’ve embraced the idea of managed services), what makes for a great upsell conversation?


OK, yeah sure… but how do have a sales conversation that feels relevant and personal to your customer (and that doesn’t feel awkward or forced to you)?

We recently launched the Upsell Engine as part of MSPComplete. It provides recommendations that use data specifically from your customer and its users to make suggestions that can help you get those conversations started. Check out how they work:

Office 365 Upsell

Upsell Conversations




PST Suggestion



Azure Migration


In short, conversations don’t feel salesy when they’re based on the current technology situation at the company. We launched this new feature in MSPComplete to help our partners go beyond migrations and grow their revenue. Not a BitTitan partner? Sign up to become one—it’s free and you’ll get product discounts, leads and more—not to mention access to the Upsell Engine.

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