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Move Now: Your Remote Workforce Enablement Kit

Fully-Remote Migrations when Speed is of Essence

As work-from-home orders were implemented back in the spring as a response to the global pandemic, some of our colleagues feared cloud migration projects would be cancelled or set on the back burner. Many companies did change priorities due to economic distress, but we also saw IT teams getting pressure to speed up migrations in order to support remote workforces.

At BitTitan we designed MigrationWiz to make migrations fast and easy, which means companies can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud sooner. And now, of course, it’s more important than ever that we highlight – MigrationWiz is 100% SaaS. This allows at-home IT teams to implement projects from wherever they are, flexing around the needs of the organization as well as the bandwidth limitations being imposed by cloud service providers.

Fast cloud migrations have been a hallmark of MigrationWiz for years, but most of our customers are still fans of a methodical approach. When demands of the business collapse your timetable, you need to be able to get the job done while at the same time assuring the highest standards of accuracy and security.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln

The art of planning

Anyone who has executed a major project knows that planning is the key to a successful outcome and to ultimately shortening time to completion. The best way to prepare for any migration project is with knowledge, support, and access to the right resources.

If you’re new to cloud migrations, you’ll want to build your team’s knowledge base before getting started. You could do this by recruiting and hiring full-time employees with cloud experience. But this is time-consuming and expensive. That is, if you’re able to find qualified candidates at all.

Many companies choose to work with an MSP. This is usually a prudent choice, depending on the size of the project, but it’s still important for the internal team to be well informed to avoid any pitfalls. That’s why we assembled our Remote Workforce Enablement Kit, with all the resources and training you need to jump-start your migration knowledge.


Avoid common pitfalls

Problems can crop up during IT projects when unanticipated issues are encountered. The good news is, this isn’t uncharted territory. One issue that can create stumbling blocks is failure to communicate a clear business case. Presenting a cogent strategy is vital to gaining C-level buy-in and for making sure your program receives the attention and budget it needs to stay on track. A thoughtful planning process also aligns all of your stakeholders when it’s time to assign priorities. In short, a clear strategy defines the “why” for the “what” of migration.

When you’re building your business case, the first thing you need is detailed and accurate information. This is not a time for trial and error, or for diving into online rabbit holes. Your business case won’t write itself, but we have done the research for you to fill out those crucial data points.


Add speed to what you need

Another common migration pitfall is the belief that you have to migrate everything at once. Some workloads will be much easier to move than others, allowing you to score quick wins.  This allows you to realize early benefits from having key applications running in the cloud sooner. The fact is that many organizations operate in a hybrid model – on-premises and in the cloud – for a period of time as they stage their migrations. In addition, there will usually be archives that need to be cleaned up before they’re moved, and it makes sense to allocate some time to that task.

We have resources to help you prioritize your migration workloads, speeding to the cloud what will make the biggest impact. Preparing now – and knowing the lay of the land – will make for a faster and smoother process.

A major consideration is, as always, going to be security. Unfortunately, we’re seeing heightened threats in these turbulent times as bad actors attempt to take advantage of hastily implemented work-from-home environments. With MigrationWiz, your team can manage your entire migration remotely while at the same time reinforcing security best practices throughout the project.


Make it look easy

At BitTitan, we like to make you look good by providing everything you need to prepare for your migration, then keeping you well supported throughout the process. One way you can jump-start your knowledge is to assign individual team members as subject matter experts on specific topics. Our Remote Workforce Enablement Kit includes guides and how-tos for migrations to Office 365, G Suite, and Exchange, as well as in-depth demo videos. With all the resources you need in one place, it won’t take much time to level-set very member of your migration team. It’s also an opportunity for team members to add valuable skills to their toolkit.

Accelerate your move to the cloud with MigrationWiz and our Remote Workforce Enablement Kit. Urgency driven by changing work-from-home demands doesn’t mean cutting out crucial planning and stakeholder involvement. With our resources at hand, you can get to work faster and have the whole team working from a solid roadmap.


Download your Remote Workforce Kit here!

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