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Microsoft Teams Migration for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

There’s no doubt about it: adoption of Microsoft Teams has been nothing sort of meteoric. The world was stunned in March 2020 when Microsoft claimed more than half a million organizations were using Microsoft Teams worldwide with 44 million daily active users. Then one month later in April 2020 Microsoft reported 75 million daily active users, adding 31 million in just over a month! It’s a full-featured collaboration platform that integrates chat, voice and video calling, file sharing, online meetings and more.

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages is Microsoft Teams’ tight integration with Office 365. Want to learn more about these collaboration scenarios? Read Why Use Microsoft Teams?

Why are companies adopting Microsoft Teams? Here’s the key point. More and more, Microsoft Teams is becoming thoroughly embedded in the fabric of how organizations get things done. For managed service providers (MSPs), the ability to migrate these pivotal workloads can be a key business driver, a unique offering and great differentiator.

Think Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures

Sometimes, these opportunities arrive because there’s a business reason to simply switch workloads between cloud providers. More often, they happen because of major business events such as a merger, acquisition or divestiture. In these scenarios, the pressure is on to migrate the workloads in a way that preserves business value — this is, without impacting organizational continuity or the ability to get work done.

MSPs that have built a specialty around these tenant-to-tenant migrations, including tenant-to-tenant migrations to Office 365, and have a nice addition to their business that builds confidence in their capabilities and often leads to additional projects and revenue. Don’t think it’s a big deal? In the short time that Teams has been around, BitTitan has helped MSPs take more than 4,000 tenant-to-tenant Microsoft Teams migrations to completion.


How can a Microsoft Teams migration help you not only win the core tenant-to-tenant business, but also provide avenues for additional revenues?

  • Differentiate yourself from other MSPs with more limited capabilities that can only handle mail migrations and SharePoint or other file-sharing instances.
  • Be ready for the growing number of Office 365 migrations, that are not only increasing but increasingly will involve moving Microsoft Teams instances
  • Secure add-on business with organizations that want to use their Microsoft Teams migration to change their telephone infrastructure.
  • Bring previous Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business On-Premises into Microsoft Teams.
  • Offer consulting services for organizations that want to use their Microsoft Teams migration to improve how they use Microsoft Teams.


Want some practical, step-by-step guidance in how to give clients an optimized Microsoft Teams experience along with a smoother migration? Read Microsoft Teams Migration: Preparation and Best Practices.


If you’re interested in transitioning current Skype for Business Online or Skype for Business On-Premises clients to Teams, read Skype for Microsoft Teams Transition: Getting Ready. You can also help with the onboarding process though these Microsoft Teams Adoption Tips.




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