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How to Configure Outlook for Office 365

Migration experts know the work doesn’t stop after the final delta pass. While it’s great to have a seamless cutover and find all the data in place on the Destination, there can be a significant amount of work after the migration to help end users get settled. Part of that puzzle is configuring Outlook.

Your first option is to do it manually. But regardless of whether it’s a big migration with thousands of seats or just a small business upgrading to Office 365, manually flipping profiles can be tedious and margin-killing work.

At BitTitan, we talk a lot about automated deployments of Outlook and how easy this process is with DeploymentPro. Working as a module within our Device Managment Agent (DMA), DeploymentPro can be installed via email or Group Policy silently in the end user’s environment. If you’d like to learn more about this solution, check out this on-demand webinar now and say goodbye to that manual work.

However, we haven’t really touched on manual configurations of Outlook; this is especially handy when you run into situations where DeploymentPro is not a fit.

Situations to consider manual configuration are:

1)            Installing Outlook for MAC

2)            Installing Outlook for Mobile

3)            Multifactor Authentication in Office 365

4)            Customer prevents the installation of non-managed software on corporate assets

For the times where you need to manually configure Outlook, please view Microsoft Outlook Quick Start.

Quick guide for new installations of Outlook on a PC:



  • Double click Outlook and the Welcome to Outlook screen will open



  • Enter your email address




  • Autodiscover will look up your email server based on your email address.





  • Click Connect



  • Enter your password



  • Click OK



  • Finish


If manually configuring all these profiles doesn’t seem like a good option, read more into the User Migration Bundle license from BitTitan, which includes DeploymentPro for help with end-of-project cleanup.

Feel free to reach out to a BitTitan expert to have any questions answered.

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