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Archive Mailbox Automation with Microsoft MVP Kelsey Epps

First of all, we’d like to congratulate Kelsey Epps, our very accomplished resident Office 365 expert, for his continued recognition and recent renewal as a Microsoft MVP! We got personal with Kelsey earlier this year—check out the interview here.

Today we’ll be highlighting Kelsey’s Office 365 Technical Support Blog and a couple of pointers for using automation with archive mailboxes in Office 365. But first, a little history.

Some email archive backstory

The history of email archives is fascinating. It wasn’t until Microsoft Exchange 2010 that the first-ever “in-place” archiving functionality was introduced—almost ten years after the first solutions for stubbing. Then, with Office 365, many companies moved away from on-premises email archives to cloud-based archiving, and continue to do so.

The evolution of email technologies brings new challenges to IT service providers, but with them, new opportunities to introduce automation.

Email archive PowerShell scripts

Personal-ArchivesEnable an Office 365 archive mailbox with PowerShell

In this article, Kelsey covers two methods to enable an archive mailbox in Office 365 using PowerShell:

• Non-hybrid deployment

• Hybrid of on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online

(Both scenarios assume the Office 365 license assigned to the user has the archive option included.)

Report on Office 365 archive mailbox size with PowerShell

In this article, Kelsey provides two PowerShell commands to report on the size of the Office 365 archive mailbox:

• Get the display name, total archive size, and total item count for a specified user.

• Get the display name, total archive size, and total item count for all users, then put results into a CSV file.

Kelsey also explains how to report on Office 365 archive mailbox size in the Office 365 Portal. Read up here.

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