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Going to Google? Have an Amazing Trip!

Google Workspace has evolved from free consumer favorite to a major contender in office applications, essentially splitting the market with Microsoft 365. While both major platforms have recently announced price increases for businesses, their plans are fairly similar. The choice of Google Workspace can come down to a value assessment based on desired apps. Or it can simply be based on what the majority of the organization is already committed to using.

A move to Google Workspace shouldn’t be controversial since so many individuals use Google apps in their personal lives. A few entrenched supporters may have a hard time letting go of the current platform, so it will be important to carefully plan the transition. For everyone affected, a seamless migration will go a long way to winning them over.

MigrationWiz isn’t just the best tool for your Google Workspace migration, we provide the advice and support you need to migrate every workload like a pro. Here’s what you need to know to make your migration a success:

Choose your migration tool

In the beginning, BitTitan built a tool for migrating mailboxes. Since then we’ve migrated millions and millions of them. Now, MigrationWiz handles just about any workload that needs to be moved to the cloud or between cloud tenants. It’s a powerful tool that will handle G Suite, G Suite for Business, G Suite for Education, Google Drive for Business, Gmail, Google Shared Drives, and Google Vault.

IT teams and MSPs around the globe choose MigrationWiz for their Google Workspace migrations because it’s low impact, scalable, and collaborative. Robust logging tools allow you to monitor and report on the progress of your migration. While MigrationWiz is automated and easy to use right out of the box, it’s also customizable with an extensive library of Advanced Options including date range filtering, folder mapping, and recipient mapping. Scripting gives you even more options to fine tune or scale your migration.

The support you need

If you’re new to MigrationWiz or new to Google Workspace migrations, BitTitan will help you get started with free training videos, detailed documentation, and best practices guides. Personal onboarding help is also available from our customer success team. If you’re planning an enterprise-scale migration, you’ll find that many IT service providers are already MigrationWiz power users.

Careful planning and preparation is the key to any successful migration. Resources from BitTitan help you plan the scope and timing of your migration, decide on the best strategy, and develop a comprehensive communication plan that will reassure end users and stakeholders.

Security is top priority

People keep coming back to MigrationWiz because it’s easy yet powerful and flexible. But no migration tool should be given serious consideration if it doesn’t provide robust security and privacy protections. MigrationWiz uses modern encryption and we never store data on our own servers. And, you can select from regional data centers in order to comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR.

BitTitan has earned ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 certification, the international standard for cybersecurity and data privacy protection. Ask your sales rep if you need copies of our certificates.

We’ve learned a thing or two

Our experience migrating millions of workloads for thousands of customers has taught us a few things. We’re always happy to share cloud migration strategies so you, your stakeholders, and end users have a seamless experience. If you’ve got a Google Workspace migration on the horizon, here are a few things to think about:

Plan early and thoroughly. It goes without saying that you don’t want to start a migration until you’re ready. That means evaluating the existing source environment, mapping workloads to their destination, and cleaning or archiving data that doesn’t need to move.

Involve stakeholders at every level. The heavy lifting in your migration will, of course, be done in IT or in conjunction with an MSP. But strategic stakeholder involvement will help you prepare end users and identify any preferences or unique situations that could cause problems. Some organizations identify department ambassadors who act as eyes and ears—and voices—throughout the project.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Provide information before, during, and after the migration so users know what to expect. The amount of communication may vary depending on the size and scope of your migration, but it can include information on what to expect, timing, and any preparation or post-migration tasks.

Don’t keep secrets. MigrationWiz excels when it comes to monitoring and reporting. That means you can include other team members in the migration process. You can also share reports that detail how much data was successfully migrated and whether there were any issues that need to be resolved.

Whether your organization is moving to Google Workspace for a fresh start or consolidating disparate platforms, MigrationWiz makes the move easy, safe, and seamless. That’s because it’s not just about choosing the most flexible and robust tool. BitTitan is with you throughout the process with information and support to make the journey amazing.

Contact us today if you have a migration on the horizon or need help with a Google Workspace project.

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